alessandro schiattarella


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With its images, movements and body language, "Strano" questions the construction of “normality” and the mechanisms which rule it. Visibly or less visibly disabled bodies (as well as “normal” ones) are exposed to comparison. The wish of fitting in somewhere, perhaps as part of a group, in the surrounding space, perhaps in the arms of a partner: "Strano" explores the theme of diversity, creating a place in which it is allowed and even valued to be “strange”, suggesting somehow the possibility of gaining a new perspective on the differences, to see through them.



Duration 50min c.a.

Dance: Erwin Aljukic, Luciana Croatto, Maryline Muller, Kihako Narisawa, Shona Bridge, Alessandro Schiattarella.

Choreography: Alessandro Schiattarella

Costumes: Jaqueline Loekito, Una Cori Lupo

Lights: Minna Heikkilä

Set Design: Thomas Giger

Music: Bruno Raco, Marco Guglielmetti

Outside Eye: Miriam Coretta Schulte

Production: Larissa Bizer

Tour Manager: Kathrin Walde

Tech: Mitch Jann

Administration: Dominique Cardito

Photo/Video credits: Rosa Sanzone